Everything Parents Should Know About Online Gaming

There are many things parents should be aware of when it comes to online gaming. From cyberbullying and harassment to Microtransactions and time limits, there’s a lot to consider. Here are some of the most important points to consider:
If your child is being bullied or harassed online, it’s important to speak up. It’s important to discuss the effects of cyberbullying on your child’s mental health and wellbeing. Discussing the risks of cyberbullying before your child begins to use digital devices is vital. Having a dialogue about cyberbullying helps your child learn to respond appropriately to different situations, and it can help them transform from passive bystanders to allies. It also gives them the opportunity to become role models for their peers. You can find conversation starters and tips online to help you begin a conversation about cyberbullying with your child.
Harassment of women
Women are generally perceived as an under-represented group in online gaming spaces, so they are often targeted for harassment. Despite their apparent anonymity and lack of voice, women experience harassment in the form of rape jokes, sexist remarks, and comments about the way they look. A recent study conducted by Fox and Tang examined the experiences of women in online gaming environments, finding that many women rumed about the harassment they experienced, withdrew from the game, melbet or resorted to coping strategies such as hiding their identity or seeking help outside of the game.
Some parents worry about the impact of microtransactions in online games. According to a survey by ParentZone, 97% of males and 90% of females aged 10-16 play video games. And the majority of these children play games online, and many of these games contain microtransactions. In many cases, children buy in-game items to improve their looks or gain access to more features or levels. However, some parents are also concerned about bullying and the effects of gambling on children.
Time limits
Chinese authorities are tightening the rules governing online gaming services for minors. Beginning September 1, online gaming companies will be required to limit the hours that minors can play their games in increments of an hour. These limits will be enforced from 8pm to 9pm on China Standard Time, and during statutory holidays. Under the new rules, gaming companies must also use real name verification systems in order to ensure that their users are not impersonators or children.
Cyber criminals
As the online gaming industry grows, cyber-criminals have turned their attention to this sector. The industry is notoriously immature when it comes to security, and this presents a large target for cyber criminals. They can make quick cash by stealing gaming account information and other sensitive data. They can use these accounts to spread malware or launch third-party software that can harm their customers.
These activities are not limited to online gaming companies, however.